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S oulwich is a vision that came to me while I was living in Singapore where food is a national pastime and my passion for food was born. My vision was to take the food culture of China, Thailand, India and Malasia and create a multicultural food experience like no other. This is the experience which Soulwich brings to Evanston. Our specialities derive from the food stalls and vendors of Burma, Singapore, India Thailand and Indonesia.

We proudly bring our unique Asian sandwich and salad recipes to Evanston. Our mission is to create the perfect blends of herbs and spices to infuse not only into our food, but also the Soul.

From the rich coconut milk to the flavorful tamarind seeds and the exotic curry pastes, Soulwich uses only nature's finest ingredients. Soulwich is also available as a vegetarian masterpiece that will make you question whether you are enjoying a meatless sandwich. The vegetarian option has an unbelievable taste and texture that even carnivores can enjoy.

We always try to use locally farmed produce and organic ingredients whenever possible, and our freshly baked bread is made from our own recipe at local bakeries resulting in great, healthy food.

We also donate a portion of our profits to help Local Food Banks end hunger and help spread the Soul.

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